Rosy-Crimson stemmed from a close reading of the 3000-year-old Greek epic poem The Odyssey, which was originally spoken aloud to an audience before being set down in writing centuries later. The subject of this poem is the hero Odysseus’ long journey home to his wife. Comparing its multiple English translations, Hoeckele came across one recurring phrase: “dawn’s rosy fingers.” This repetition was a device to help the orator remember his spot in the epic poem. Actors clad in rose-hued outfits deliver a non-linear narrative based around the translations of this phrase with changes in volume, pitch, and body movement.

Documentation of several translations, editions, and iterations of The Odyssey used as inspiration and material for Rosy-Crimson.The Odyssey used as inspiration and material for Rosy-Crimson.

Performed during the opening reception of the 2018 Queens International: Volumes on October 7th. Courtesy Queens Museum. Photo: Kuo-Heng Huang